We are very pleased to announce that the 9th International Conference of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic Chipped and Ground Stone Industries of the Near East (PPN9) will be held in Tokyo from November 12 to 16, 2019. The conference will be hosted at the University Museum, the University of Tokyo. This workshop series has enjoyed a considerable development since the first one in Berlin, in 1994, organized by the initiative of Hans Georg K. Gebel and Stefan K. Kozlowski, and it is now one of the most important international meetings for Neolithic archaeologists of the Near East. It is our great honor to organize this meeting for the first time in East Asia, a region far from the Near East but with a research community on this subject. For those interested, please consult this homepage.


Oct. 31, 2019     Programme and Abstracts, Map and access, and social events uploaded.

Oct. 17, 2019     Fliers are available. See "Contents".

Oct. 16, 2019     Provisional program is available. See below. (Note that there may be changes in the program.)

Oct. 16, 2019     4th circular was released.

July 31, 2019     Online payment has been closed.

May 30, 2019     Pre-registration has been closed.

                           If you wish to participate the conference, please contact the organizing committee by e-mail.     

May 07, 2019     New deadline of abstract submission: May 31, 2019.

May 07, 2019     3rd circular was released.

May 01, 2019     Payment of the conference fee is open now (~ June 30).

Feb. 19, 2019     2nd circular was released.

Jan. 27, 2019     Japanese version of 1st circular is available. 

Oct. 01, 2018     Pre-registration started.Go to the 1st circular.

Oct. 31, 2018     PPN9-Tokyo website has been launched.





Host: Yoshihiro Nishiaki (The University Museum, The University of Tokyo)

Organizing Commitee:

  • Masashi Abe (Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties)
  • Chie Akashi (The University Museum, The University of Tokyo)
  • Makoto Arimura (Tokai University)
  • Sumio Fujii (KanazawaUniversity)
  • Seiji Kadowaki (Nagoya University)
  • Osamu Maeda (University of Tsukuba)
  • Yoshihiro Nishiaki (The University of Tokyo)
  • Takahiro Odaka (The University Museum, The University of Tokyo)